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On-Grid Solar Power Plant

Our smart Grid-Connect Systems are ideal for building roof-tops, malls, SEZs, offices, etc. which rely a lot on back-up with Diesel Generators. Instead of storing solar power in batteries and then using it at night time, the same power can be directly fed into the building level grid (or back-up power supply) with the help of a reliable grid-tied inverter which synchronizes with the power network.
These systems are not only much more cost-effective, they are also user friendly and require almost negligible maintenance for the product life of more that 20 years. And clubbed with the fiscal benefits available in terms of accelerated depreciation, you can achieve break-even on your investments in a quick time and after that enjoy almost free power for life.

These systems, also grid-connected, produce a large quantity of photovoltaic electricity in a single point. The size of these plants range from several hundred kilowatts to several megawatts. Some of these applications are located on large industrial buildings such as airport terminals or railways stations. This type of large application makes use of already available Spaceage and compensates a part of the electricity produced by these energy-intensive consumers.